Materials that we use for the jewelry we make.

     935 Silver



              Our gold  is yellow gold.

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Composition and properties of 935 silver.

We use a 935 silver alloy for our silver jewelry. This means that this alloy consists of 935 parts (or 93.5%) silver and 65 parts (or 6.5%) copper. Such an alloy is necessary so that the silver gets hardness and workability.

What is the difference between 925 and 935 silver?

The 935 we use has a higher silver content than the 925.

The silver we use comes from a German refinery, which absolutely guarantees the composition and quality.

Silver can darken over time. This is caused by the formation of silver sulfide, which is the result of the reaction of the silver with the oxygen and the sulfur content (hydrogen sulfide) in the air.

Silver jewelry does not tarnish very much if it is worn regularly. The dark layer is rubbed off by wearing, but there are exceptions. People who use certain medication, nutrition or cosmetics there can sometimes discolour silver.

With us you get a free silver cleaning cloth with your ordered piece of jewelry, so you are on the safe side and can regularly clean and care for your piece of jewelry.

So it is not correct that silver jewelry is inferior due to discoloration. This is a natural chemical reaction.



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Silver cleaning & cleaning cloth.


We recommend regular cleaning and maintenance with a silver cleaning cloth, this can be used for a long time, inexpensive and environmentally friendly. You can use the cloth up to 200 times.

You can buy such a cloth from us or from most jewelers.

We strongly advise against using cleaning baths, these are mostly poisonous and after a short time no longer usable, the blackening is also lost as a result.

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